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It’s time to update the resume

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The traditional resume has been increasingly questioned. Even though it is still the most common form to introduce a potential employer or client to a candidate, the forms of organizations that are evolving now require other information to know whether someone is suitable for the job that needs to be done.

Skills and achievements in the past About 500 years ago the first resume was written. Leonardo Da Vinci hoped to get work from the Duke of Milan, so he made an overview of his skills and achievements to impress him. Actually, the current resume is still used like this. Take me for this job! Just look at what I can do! What I have achieved up to now! Look how well I did this

Changes And that’s exactly where the difference is. What you have done in the past, where you have been trained, is this important? The rapid technological changes lead to tasks that need to be performed, in roles and forms of organizations that are still beyond our imagination, but tomorrow ‘suddenly’ realized.

Your contribution now For choosing the best person in the best place, a traditional resume is becoming less and less important. It is much more interesting to know what someone is contributing, what is his Intention of Being, what talents are involved, in which context he has to bring and what is his match with the business intention. New employees are then assessed on what they can contribute instead of what they have learned and done in the past. And that fits with the current zeitgeist. So … it’s time for an update of the resume!

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