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From Gray to Gold

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Your Intention of Being in the pocket and then move on

When Wineke approached me, she was very clear about her situation. She had chosen the wrong field of study, and she still didn’t know what kind of work suited her best. Partly for this reason, she remained stuck in a communications manager role for more than 20 years, where she earned a lot of money, but was also unhappy. She experienced her working world as gray. Wineke had the feeling there was much more in her. “I’m in a golden cage. I want to get out of there!” she said.

Wineke says: “I constantly asked myself who am I, what do I want and what do I have to do here. Despite all the education and training I followed in the field of personal growth, including the 3-year Applied Psychology course, NLP, ACT and Human potential coaching, the answers eluded me. Until I deeply realized that the way out had been hidden in my inner world all this time, instead of in those educations and training.

Life led me to Helma, where her unique approach with quantum physics gave me that final push I needed. From that moment on, my working life transformed from being hazy to crystal clear, from gray to inner gold.”

Wineke and I started her guidance with Quaning in which her Intention of Being became very clear: UNPACKING herself and others. She also quickly understood how she wanted to contribute from there.

Wineke: “Unpacking resonated enormously. Just the thought of being on stage and inspiring and touching others with my story and music was super exciting to me. But I knew I 'had' to do it.”

Some time passed between inner knowledge and actual action. Time in which she started to unpack herself even more and strengthened her connection with herself. Time in which she worked on a theatrical lecture in which she talks and sings about well-being and workplace happiness for everyone. Especially for organizations that know that their people are worth their weight in gold and want the inspiration and tools to make this gold shine and maintain it.

The premiere of her theatrical lecture 'Het Nieuwe Goud' took place at the beginning of September. Wineke: “In a playful, accessible way, I let the audience experience how you create your own reality and I provide stimulating ways to make work enjoyment and well-being accessible to everyone. It was such a gift to unpack with my story and music. I enjoyed it immensely. Especially to touch and inspire others.”

Her audience also enjoyed it. “This was Unpacking in all its purity.” as Margot Cooijmans, Director of Philips Foundation Impact Investments BV, says. “In 'Het Nieuwe Goud' Wineke takes us down the recognizable path in which we put on our masks. And that you can learn to let it go again. She does this in an exceptionally skillful way, full of passion and songs she wrote herself. I find her a convincing example of practicing what you preach.”

Wineke: “Breaking out of the golden cage gave me my own gold. Now I know who I essentially am and what my value is. When people, opportunities and challenges come my way now, I ask myself just one question: can I Unpack here or not? If so, then I have gold on my hands.”

Would you like to know more about Wineke's theatrical lectures and other forms of Unpacking? Then visit her website. Or watch her video of 'Het Nieuwe Goud'.

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