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About me

"It's actually kind of crazy with you," she said. “On the one hand, you
are very practical, goal-oriented, down-to-earth, no-nonsense. On the
other hand, you are super good at connecting with the invisible.”
I had to laugh when she typed me like that. She had seen that right.
I like to know clearly how to go where, I also want to get there as quickly as possible. I'm always applying efficiency. I really like researching, interpreting and mapping things. I have a good antenna to pick up what is moving in that invisible world around us, trust that, make use of it. Yet I really can't do anything with floatiness and disappearing into spirituality and the paranormal.
For me, everything, the visible and invisible world, is always intertwined and connected, affects each other. Do we have to do our unique contribution in daily life with our feet on the ground, knowing that it has an impact on everything and everyone.

With just as much love and pleasure I guide someone who is about to
die or has passed away to be themselves and to conclude what still needs to be concluded, as parents who want to know what their child is doing here and how they can best facilitate it, and the adult who finally wants to do a job in which he/she/it can be completely themselves.


I like to share my knowledge and experience through the training courses I provide. To executives, managers, coaches, trainers and Certified Quaners. Always from my base: to let every person be
completely themselves.


I do this from my vision on people and personal growth, called the Intention of Being, based on shamanistic wisdom and the ideas of the scientific discipline of quantum mechanics or with the Quaning
guidance methodology developed by me.



So, now you have a first impression of what I do. If you want to know
something about who I am and/or how I got to where I am now in my
life, feel free to invite me for a (virtual) cup of tea!

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