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Every person contributes something unique, 
that is your Intention of Being

Every person contributes something unique, 
that is your Intention of Being

Every person contributes something unique, 
that is your Intention of Being

Be completely yourself

Do you know that, that you just know for sure that there is so much more in you than is coming out now? And that you keep looking for what that is? Or do you notice that you really want to do work that makes you happy and that makes you feel that you are doing something meaningful? And that you keep in the mode of thinking and figuring out what kind of work that should be? Or do you sometimes feel like a wandering soul that wants to come home to itself? Do you wonder where that is and what that means for your daily life and work?


These are examples of issues that come into play when you want to be completely yourself. And which you get answered by knowing your Intention of Being.

Every person contributes something unique, 
that is your Intention of Being

Your Intention of Being, if it is a new concept to you, a short introduction:

Every person, yes you too 😍, contributes something unique, to themselves and to a specific group of others. That is your Intention of Being. To give full substance to that, you have an inner desire that keeps telling you that you want it. You have a body that allows you to do that. You have been given talents, which you use from the very first moment of your life, without having to learn
anything, you can just do that. And you are born into an environment where
in the first 10 years of your life you see, hear and experience things that
prepare you to fully realize your Intention of Being later in life. It is, as it
were, your school of life with a package of subjects specifically tailored
to your Intention of Being, with various life lessons.

Book IoB in iPad.png

As mentioned, this is just a brief introduction. I imagine you want to know a lot more about it. Which can! Together with Ingrid Aarsman I wrote a book about my vision on people and personal growth: Intention of Being, a groundbreaking and extraordinarily positive view on who you really are. 

You are a hyperintelligent and hypersensitive
superpersonal feedback system
that gets signals about who you are all the time

You just read it: everything in your life is aimed at letting you live completely from your Intention of Being. You will receive all kinds of signals through which you know whether you live in line with your Intention of Being or whether you still have to fulfill it further. A hyperintelligent and hypersensitive superpersonal feedback system ensures that.

Of course I can interpret those signals for you, find out together with you what it says about facets of your Intention of Being. And, I like things to be useful, efficient and sustainable. So much rather I guide you with Quaning to be completely yourself.

Be completely yourself with Quaning guaranteed

Quaning? Yes, Quaning (pronounce as kwonning)!

Quaning is a guidance methodology. . If you have been guided with Quaning then you know exactly who you are and what you have to contribute. And more importantly, it ensures that you really become yourself and can live and work entirely from your Intention of Being. Within a maximum of 7 weeks and with a guarantee of results. Too good to be true? No, thousands of people preceded you.

Quaning is just very practical and goal-oriented. The successfully proven step-by-step plan, the use of technology for making objective analyzes and interventions, all based on the philosophy of the scientific discipline of quantum mechanics and the rituals and view of shamanism, that combination delivers quick and sustainable results for you.

If you want to know more about being guided with Quaning, request the info sheet.
Or contact us to see if guidance with Quaning and you are the perfect match!

Knowing your Intention of Being: life changing

"Knowing my Intention of Being gives such a fulfillment. I was looking for it, but I could never have imagined the depth and impact on my life."

"I do not have to say anything, it seems I’m like a magnet that attracts those people and those situations where I can bring my Intention of Being."

"In retrospect, the meaning of everything that has happened in my life is so clear. It was already all about my Intention of Being."

Jessica: "As if the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I became hyper (in the right sense) and suddenly saw a lot of future things and dreams become concrete and clear to me and I could also communicate this to others."
Read here about how Jessica discovered her Intention of Being and what happened next.


Jim: "After discovering my Intention of Being, a door seemed to open. Suddenly I could focus more on certain goals (finding great vacancies etc)."
Read here about how Jim discovered his Intention of Being and what happened next.

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