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Hooray! My child's manual!

You know those times when you wish you had your kid's manual?
Simply because you have that deep desire to know exactly who he* is.
To know exactly what he needs to flourish? So that you are the best
possible parent for him? And thus facilitate him to get everything out
of his life? Do you recognize that?


Just think how valuable it would be to have an insight into who he
really is from the earliest years of your child's life. What he came into
the world to do. What he has to contribute. What difference would that
make to the both of you?


Get your hands on
Does that seem like a utopia? Nothing is less true.
 There is an opportunity to know who your child really is and to get your hands on his manual.


Years of empirical research proves the value of
knowing your child's Intention of Being

Unique contribution

Because, every person has something unique to contribute, to themselves and to a specific group of others.That is your Intention of Being. That is who you are, from the very first moment of your life.In the first 10 years of your life you see, hear and experience things that prepare you to contribute fully from your Intention of Being. The environment in which you are born says all about which specific group of others you have to contribute to. You are already practicing making that contribution through what and with what you play. It is the school of life that you go through, with a package of subjects precisely tailored to your Intention of Being. 

“When I heard that her Intention of Being is Together, everything fell into place.
That she always wants to do everything together. That she always wants several copies of a certain kind of doll. That she always wants a bowl of different fruits instead of just that apple. My irritation that she always wants someone else to join her. I get that now. I really treat her differently. We have a lot more fun together.”

Intention of Being

Every person has an Intention of Being, so you too, so does your child.


Know your child
Do you also want to know your child's Intention of Being? Do you want
to have his user manual within reach? So you can facilitate your child to
be completely himself? Request the free info sheet now and take the first step towards a bright future!


* For readability I use he/him/his, please read in line with your gender preference: he/him/his/she/her/her/that/them/their.

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