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"At the end of your life
it is extremely valuable to look back on
what you have contributed from who you are."

Your end of life in sight: the completion of a special journey

Our life is like a special journey, filled with memorable moments and
meaningful experiences. Towards its completion, hopefully we have
understood our life lessons and fully contributed from our Intention
of Being. One of my tasks as a shaman is to assist you during this special
phase of your life, when the end is in sight.

Together we look back on your life and consider loose ends that require
attention before you close this phase of life. I am here for you so that
you can continue in peace.

If you feel this resonates with you, I invite you to contact me for more 
information or to make an appointment.


Peace of mind: after life harmony

Part of the world view of shamanism is that there are 3 worlds:
a middle world and an upper and lower world. When you die, your
soul leaves your body. Initially, your soul resides in the middle world,
to leave it over time to the upper or lower world. Sometimes there is
work to be done in the world of the living. As a result, the soul remains
suspended in the middle world. That is a nasty situation for both the
deceased and the living who are involved with him.

For example, the living can feel uncomfortable in some places,
experience dizziness out of the blue or get goosebumps even though
the temperature is fine. Or equipment switches on by itself, a clock stops
at a meaningful time, lamps flash spontaneously. These are a few examples

of how a deceased seeks contact with a surviving relative. To close things
and find peace of mind.


One of the things I can do as a shaman is to make contact with a deceased
person, to find out what is going on, to assist him in this. Then I guide the
deceased to the upper or lower world, where he will eventually find the
peace and healing he is looking for. This session is a gift to the deceased
and to the living who are still connected.


If I can do something for you in this area, please feel free to contact me.

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