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Intention of Being Jessica

My intention of being is: together in position

I am here to:
– bring together in position for myself
– bring together in position to others

My view of the world is that:
– I see the world mainly as a place in which you work together with other towards something.
Achieving a goal together gives added value which you don’t get with individual achieved goals.

– You will have to do it with the funds (people) that you have at your disposal and that is fine.

– Knowing each other’s manual makes it possible to determine each person’s position.

– Being in position allows you to contribute to the result of the team, this position is not static
but moves and that can also encourage others to move.

This is the context where I bring my intention of being:
– I work from an external position.

– In a welcoming environment with room for fun.

– Together with people who are open to move / change / work together.

– There is enough space to set out a path.

– Result-oriented work.

I manifest my intention of being in my work and in my private life by:
– During my work as F&B manager at the Holiday Inn we worked, during a vacancy stop, with
14 employees instead of the 19 we needed. Although this seemed an almost impossible task, I
picked up the challenge and gave the team the belief that we could do this together, and so it

– If a group of friends have wild ideas to go on a long weekend or week and all possible
options are presented, then I am the one who brings all the information together, explores the
possibilities and eventually come up with a proposition which everyone is happy about, taking in
consideration all the preferences within that group. It’s a logical next step that I also arrange the
tickets, the stay and the necessary trips and diners.

– In our trips we use home exchange (stay in each other’s houses with a closed exchange). Soon
we will go to South Africa for 4 weeks and I have realized a carousel of home exchanges which
makes everyone come into contact (and even a triangular exchange contact comes into being), the
connection that is made with these people and the trust we have together in this short timeframe
gives me great satisfaction.

– In my coaching of starting teachers, I have allowed a sideplacement-teacher to experience again
the motivation for her transfer to education, when she didn’t see it anymore when she had
oppositions in the educational organization in her first year. By seeing herself again in her own
strengths and with her own qualities and by doing that what gives her energy: the contact with the

– At the time of a reorganization at ROCTOP, I noticed that many colleagues felt threatened and
unsafe at work. I called my team together and made it clear to them that we are focusing on what
we DO have influence on, namely the organization of education and our students and that we would
ONLY put our energy into that. By this the negative spiral where some people were in, was broken
and together we faced the difficult times. The feeling that we as a team could do this was wonderful
and made the team stronger than ever.

– In hockey and football I was always in mid position/mid pivot. On request I have also played on
other positions, but nothing gave me so much satisfaction as to expand the lines, to have the overview
and to know when someone had to be put in position and foremost to be part of the team myself.

– An ad hoc request for a farewell reception can be a reason to panic for many people, for me is
arranged in a jiffy; putting the right people in the right place at the right time and placing myself
where necessary to get it done.


My talents are:
– Analyzing
– Have an overview
– Eye-hand coördination
– Tactical insight
– Perseverance
– Good at looking
– Empathic ability, listening ear
– Result orientated, goal orientated
– Positive attitude; think in possibilities which always can lead to something constructive

This is what I tell others about my intention of being:
I think it’s incredibly important that people feel comfortable and are at their spot; what are
their qualities, wishes but also what is their manual.The moment we are in our position, we are
in our strength and that leads to unprecedented results in a team. Often better than the previously
set goals. I really get excited about achieving team goals together, which were previously held not
to be possible.To guide a team or an individual on this path is what I can contribute and I do that
with a lot of pleasure.

This is what I will do to live and work from my intention of being even more:
– I’ll customize my LinkedIn profile.
– In all my correspondence and texts I convey my intention of being.
– The release of my intention of being is going to happen from today.
– As long as I work in catering, I will explain what my new role entails.
– When accepting assignments I reflect and make a link to my intention of being.
– I do my work on a project basis and always enter the organization as an external.
– I present myself from my intention of being and transfer trust and faith in the promised result.





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