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Intention of Being Jim van der Linden*


My intention of being is: Together

I am here to:
– bring together for myself.
– bring together for others.

My view of the world is that:
I can summarize this in three pillars:

– Being together/working together results in variety and sociability.
By spending time together you always experience fun things. Working together always produces
new ideas. This always creates beautiful memories.

– Together you achieve more.
If you try to solve everything alone, you can never make it to the top. You are always dependent on
others and you need others to reach your goal.

– Cooperation delivers satisfaction.
If you work together on a certain goal and achieve this goal, it is so much more fun to celebrate
that moment. You stimulate and encourage each other more to achieve a goal. I myself am a huge
ambassador of working together.

I manifest my intention of being by:
Both at work and in private I am always the one who pulls the cart and does everything to make
people happy. By bringing people together I become happier and it gives me a huge energy boost.
Often I also notice that it increases productivity a lot.

At work I arrange the team outings or I make sure that people talk to each other.

Also I always feel fine-handed when something is wrong or when something has to be done or if
someone feels uncomfortable in his skin. By talking to them, I try to find a solution together so
that we can overcome the obstacle.

In private I love to arrange things. That can be for both family and friends. Going away for the
weekends, family dinners, bbq’s, movie nights .. as long as everyone is having a great time I am
happy. It gives a lot of satisfaction to bring people together and make it an unforgettable day/moment.

I also always try to do something extra’s, like a +1. By that I mean that only a bowl of chips and some
nuts can be made even more enjoyable. A dipping sauce or something special must be added.

Another example is that I once organized a boat trip. Of course we just could have gone to the
harbour and start the boat trip. But in advance I had arranged a complete quest. Based on groceries
that had to be done, it was possible to find out where and what was going to happen.

I also once organized a trip to the Oktoberfest. Of course there had to be a gadget/welcome package.
So I arranged shirts and stickers that made everyone looked smart and stylish.

At work I have arranged a farewell dinner. Our department was dissolved and we were subdivided
into other departments. Time for a “funeral”. Including a nice cap on cap off quiz and a delicious buffet
it was an unforgettable day. The pub where it was held was exclusively open to us. Of course, I didn’t
organize this all by myself, with a team of 2-3 people we ensured that everything was arranged down
to the last detail.

Together with Brigitte* I arranged a family barbecue for my family when an uncle of mine was
informed that he had cancer. Our entire garden was transformed into a ‘mini-festival’ and the entire
family was invited by post with an official invitation. Homemade cocktails and delicious bbq meat was
part of the family day. Wonderful to be together and to recall memories from the past.

If I look back even further, to the years when I was 15/16 years old, I was already organizing and
arranging activities to bring people together. Even then I was always the captain/instigator of movie
nights or going to the pub. Also I always tried to arrange the New Year’s party in that way that there
were as many friends as possible together.

I have many more examples of activities or initiatives that I undertook to do things together.

My talents are:
– Creativity
– Sensitivity
– Assessment ability
– Take initiative
– Organizing
– Team player
– Eye for quality

This is what I tell others about my intention of being:
In fact, I already always show to others what my intention of being is self-evidently. If I start to
tell about activities that I have organized or what I am going to arrange, then I start radiating right
Because I always want to bring everyone together, want to organize things and arrange things,
they see right away what my intention of being is. That often results in people telling me that I have
to do something with this. And that I have to do something in organizing and arranging. 

A conversation that could be conducted about my intention of being could go like this:
– “You indicate that working together is important for you. Can you explain why?:
+ “I think it is super important that people work together. That way they can get the ultimate result
out of a project or product they are working on.”

– “What do you like best about organizing an activity?”
+ “I think it’s great to bring people together and let them experience a nice day. There is a warm and
good atmosphere and it does me good to see happy people.”

“Organizing and arranging activities is in my blood. By bringing people together with an activity, I get fulfillment at work.”

– “Name a strong characteristic of yourself by which you know what is going on in people.”
+ “Because of my high assessment ability I often know what is going on in a colleague or friend’s head. 
I can respond to that perfectly and like to think together what has to be solved. Bringing people together creates a unique dynamic. This can be done by organizing an activity or an event, but also by actually
linking people by their qualities. I can do that very well.”

This is what I will do to live and work from my intention of being even more:
By adjusting my LinkedIn profile with qualities that fit my intention of being, I show others what I am
good at. This can be done, for example, by naming my talents on my profile, but also by writing a catchy summary in which I put forward ‘together’. Once I have adjusted this, I can also make clear on other
social media that I am looking for a new job.

When people ask me about my job hunting, I will tell them that I am looking for a new challenge in
which I can work on small projects or goals together with others.

Meanwhile, I know a lot of people that I want to approach actively to say that I am looking for a new
challenge. I tell those people that I excel in organizing activities and that I am extremely creative. In
addition, I will tell them that I really believe in bringing people together with each their own qualities.
That is why I always get the best out of someone.

Because of my perfect assessment ability, I know exactly which people I have to turn to to put my
intention of being to good use.



* pseudonym

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