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Jessica: “Pieces of the puzzle fall into place.”

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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Once Juliette Grimbergen was guided by Helma Lieberwerth. She has made a great item on PienTV about Helma and Intention of Being. You can see more inspiring videos at their YouTube channel. Juliette’s experiences inspired Jessica to be guided with the Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being also.

Jessica tells: “I feel that I am in a transition phase that will lead me further to become a happier person in my work and with that in my whole way of being. More insight into my own possibilities in order to be able to search more specifically for new work, that is my goal too.”

TAKE-OFF The first weeks of a Quaning-RGprogram are meant to clean up the information in the personal information field. That enables the Quanee to make the Intention of Being assignment and to actually receive what is discussed. Sometimes that requires some patience from people who are used to having to do things. Likewise from Jessica. The 2×5 and contact the Quaner at certain moments are ‘the only’ things that the Quanee contributes. It is an essential part of connecting with and focusing on the Intention of Being.

INTENSIFYING In preparation for the session in which her Intention of Being will be found, Jessica writes in her Q-Report: “This week I gave back a freelance job that I was dreading. I discussed my LFQ program with my neighbour and was able to explain it very well to her. I told her about my benchmarks, my Intention of Being and during the conversation I noticed that I also learned a bit more about my talents (almost experienced another benchmark). I applied for an interim job. I would like to discuss how I can move on, I am ready for a next step.”

Intention of Being In the INTENSIFYING the wording of Jessica’s Intention of Being is found: Together in position.

CONTINUATION The following week Helma and Jessica have a CONTINUATION. Jessica writes in her Q-Report: “Since I now know what my Intention of Being is and I have been busy with the elaboration of the Intention of Being document, it gives me new insights and new energy.

In addition, I am also talking to others about my Intention of Being and that leads to many exchanges of thoughts. The possibilities for the future are still spreading in all directions, but I have been given clarity and direction.”

FINAL A week later Helma and Jessica close the Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being. Jessica writes in her Q-Report on the preparatory page for the FINAL: “Since I have been talking about my Intention of Being, it seems like a puzzle has been laid in which all the pieces fall into place. Because of this, in the past week things have come my way, that make me tell with more conviction what I am going to do, what then leads to people who think along with me and that leads to more openings. In addition, I only had one moment during the day on which I thought about my 2 x 5, but all days after it was no longer in my system and I did not record it anymore. I also made a start with the adjustment of my LinkedIn page and that resulted in several meetings.”

Evaluation In the evaluation of the program Jessica shares: “Although the explanation was clear, I first had to see it happen during the first period of the program. I neatly made my 2 x 5 (which was easy for me) and at some point I wondered where this would lead to. However, in the week we met live and gave words to my Intention of Being, all sorts of things started to come into movement. As if the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I became hyper (in the right sense) and suddenly saw a lot of future business and dreams concrete and clear and I could also communicate this to others. So many things have been set in motion. That has given me confidence in my working future, thanks to this program. For that, I am grateful to Helma.”

After the program A while later Helma receives an email from Jessica: “Helma, here’s a short message from me. I am ‘a non-employee’ for just about a month now and have seen and done a lot during this month. I have added quite a few people at LinkedIn and told my story (including my Intention of Being…. !!!), furthermore directly in week 1 I landed an assignment at the NOVA college where I’m  coaching a new starting teacher now. I like it very well and of course hope that more will result from this. I have a lot of lunches and coffee drinks with old contacts and that is very inspiring. I have replaced the ‘dirty’ word networking for myself in ‘catching up’. In the meantime I work 2/3 shifts a week in operational catering with very young people, which also gives me a lot of pleasure. I am hopeful and often think about our conversations and the assignments you have given me. I’ll keep you informed!”

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