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Jim: “A door opens”

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

“I would like to go back to work with more pleasure. If you enjoy your work, is it still work?” This is what Jim* says, a 31-year-old man who works as a Functional Administrator within a dynamic online retail organization.

TAKE-OFF Jim noticed that at his work he had less and less energy to carry out his duties. The fun at work was missing. He got the opportunity to do a Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being with Helma Lieberwerth as part of a self-chosen exit at the company. With this he had a good basis for making the next choice about work that would give him energy. A good example of an employer that takes care of its employees out from involvement.

INTENSIFYING The program is progressing well. As Intention of Being “together” is found. Jim says about that: “I found out my Intention of Being. The word “together” really suits me and I am very content with this outcome. I am indeed someone who always wants to do everything together. Always want to get things done together and want to bring people together to experience beautiful things.

Everything what lies in my possibilities I put in, in order to arrange it together and get it done.”

Intention of Being document Helma and Jim work together on his Intention of Being document.

The week after the INTENSIFYING Jim writes in his Q-Report: “After the INTENSIFYING I have been more concerned about my Intention of Being and talents. During conversations with colleagues, I take more into account what my talents are and especially what my Intention of Being is. That is mainly different when one asks about my search for another job and what I am looking for exactly. Now I can give more guidance to the conversation by focusing more on the talents and etc. It feels very nice and comfortable as I talk about it. ”

FINAL In preparation for the FINAL Jim writes in his Q-Report: “After discovering my Intention of Being, a door seemed to open and I could focus more on certain goals (finding great jobs etc).”

Evaluation In his evaluation of the program Jim writes: “When I heard about the Quaning-RGprogram I did not know very well what I could expect. But as soon as I got to know Helma at our first meeting, I knew it was really something that would help me on my way. Especially the steps in finding and discovering yourself appealed to me. Something is really asked of yourself by being focused on what you are doing every day. That makes you think more and it turns activities with a negative charge quickly into something positive.

I would definitely recommend this program to people who are stuck with themselves and aren’t able to come out of it. It encourages you to think and helps you in a relatively short time to get on your way.”

After the program A while after the program, Jim sends this e-mail to Helma:

“How are you doing? Everything is fine with me. I went ahead with my Intention of Being and I’ve found something that makes me completely happy. I would like to tell you about it in this email.

Some time ago I was approached by an old colleague who had seen that I was looking for a new challenge. He indicated that he possibly had some work for me but that I must be ready to put in some effort. It was about a company that is specialized in the installation of solar panels at other companies. Mainly larger projects. The company became more successful than expected and they were hastily looking for a coordinator/project leader who could arrange things on the spot. Of course I felt very honoured and spent a few days on the job to see if it suited me. Soon I was welcomed into the group and actually without any form of application I noticed that they really wanted me to join the company. I became even more enthusiastic (getting so much appreciation for not even doing so much).

However, the company only works with freelancers and does not employ anybody. Not a problem of course, but do I really want to take the risk of starting something for myself? After many deliberations and a lot of research, I decided to do it, so I will continue to work as a self-employed person. I am really excited about this new challenge and to see if working as a freelancer is something for me.

I will soon coordinate the projects on location and when the projects have been completed I can monitor them and suggest improvements … and they already have work for me for almost a year.

In short, as expected, something completely different has come my way, but it something that makes me happy and gives me energy.

And more And another time later, another e-mail follows. Jim writes:

“It was quite busy at the Van der Linden house*. In the meantime I became father of a son named Sam*! Really a very nice and sweet little guy who is completely healthy. Unfortunately, this period became a bit (more) hectic because I had broken my leg while playing football. An unfortunate tackle pinched my foot in such a way that it broke and made my ankle go out of the bowl. After 7 weeks of recovery I can finally walk without crutches again and everything goes a bit better. Whether I can play football in the future is still the question, but we are going for it!

In the meantime I have also been approached by a company that would like to have me in paid employment. I had noticed that I wanted to work together more effectively and with more pleasure, so I was open for a meeting. After a few conversations and some considerations, I decided to take on that challenge. And as of next Monday I will start as Technical Consultant at a company focussed on Customer Service. A small-scale company that focuses on the top 100 companies in the Netherlands to bring the Customer Service to a higher level. As a spider in the web between IT and customer, I will solve the technical tools. Together with a small team we will work on that, driving throughout the whole of the Netherlands. Really exciting and educational. Especially the many collaborations and the variety seem very nice to me.

So, this was in a nutshell how I’ve been. It is actually very good, with a small setback of my leg. But I feel good.”

* pseudonym

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