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It is crystal clear, context is key!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I am delighted that Marianne Driessen wants to share her experiences about her impact when you are purely in connection with your Intention of Being and fully fill in your context specs in work and life.

Clear signals We all receive clear signals whether we live and work fully from who we are. One of the requirements that must be fully completed is your context specifications: the environment in which you have to contribute your Intention of Being. I sometimes call it the counter that you serve, or in marketing it would be your target group. This listens very accurately.

Marianne Driessen shares her experiences about the impactful difference when you are purely in connection with your Intention of Being and fully fill in your context in work and life:

My intention of being "When my Intention of Being became clear in my Quaning-RGprogram, I was very sure. This is who I really am! It gave a feeling of constant confidence and deep peace. My Intention of Being is “Finding”. I find hidden issues, values, I reveal intentions of people and organizations. Sometimes I also say that I establish hidden treasures.

Broad outlines When I look back at my life, I can see the common thread of my Intention of Being in everything I have done. From the choice of certain activities, interests that I have had since childhood, to my greatest successes and setbacks. The broad outlines are now clearly visible in retrospect. But in the mess of everyday life, I sometimes found it difficult to decide in accordance with my Intention of Being. Fortunately, after my program I now also know about the context that is needed to do full justice to my Intention of Being.

Optimally myself It is crystal clear: there are 8 things that must be met in order to be optimally myself. Point 1 is: work at home or very close to home. I always found that a difficult issue. I have never been able to fully integrate myself into this part of my Intention of Being. Even after my program I kept pushing myself to make regular appointments outside the door, which required long car journeys. Somewhere in me is an old image of myself as a successful internationally traveling businesswoman, moving from one important conversation to another profound presentation in planes and fast cars. In my fantasy my hair is always good and I wear the most elegant outfits.

Context specs In recent months I have spent a lot of time at home due to corona. Like most people, I had no out-of-office business appointments and barely traveled. And what I notice is that I can work much more efficiently and effectively. I am more relaxed and focused. And that brings an in-depth look to the work I'm doing. The full attention ensures more cohesion, new connections, a broader scope. I have written dozens of pieces and started two new projects. Work and sport merge in a natural way. Although I work more, I am less tired. And as an added bonus, I've lost pounds! The time at home also brought more harmony into the home. For example, no heated exchanges with my husband after I came rolling into the house after two hours of traffic jams, exhausted.

Committed Looking back, the broad outlines are again clearly visible. The corona measures have forced me to live and work completely in the context of my Intention of Being. I have been able to experience for weeks on end what beautiful things it brings me to. My old fantasies and images fade out. I'm fully committed to my Intention of Being now, including my context. My elegant outfits, I keep them for when I go to the terrace.

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