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The invisible world made visible

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I went home a bit shaky, but I felt straight away that she was right. Apparently I had talents like sensitivity and intuition. I immediately started working on it. I ‘had to’.

I just could Apparently something inside me was switched ‘on’, it had to be used now, at once. And apparently I just could. Seen in retrospect, logical, it is a talent! It had only been hidden all that time. So it kept on knocking at my door, stronger and stronger, to let me know that it was there. All I had to do was use it. And I kept on ignoring the signals ….

Making meters Anyway, I started making my meters and gained experience. I have been allowed to work with professionals from minute 1. Saw that as a practical master – student training. Super nice that they wanted to share their experience with me. Regressions, magnetize, working with energies that were still in places where they should have left already, and everything else that can be done in that area, so that people are in pure connection with themselves.

Knowledge Wonderful work, but … I wanted to know what I was doing. I wanted to give words to what came from that invisible part of our world. Wanted to have the theory and knowledge that explained what I was doing. At a given moment my curiosity (yes also a talent) started to push me to a theoretical study. So yes, I went into the classroom again, I loved it. Just as I love to research, form my own ideas, love to develop, test and improve. Just as long as something comes out that makes sense and helps people to know and to truely be themselves (even better).

12 dimensions When I was looking for a model that depicted the dimensions in our world, I came across the 12 dimensions of the German theoretical physicist Burkhard Heim. We, Heim and I, have something in common: our deep-rooted fascination and research drive in the area of people and their influence on their surroundings. That makes me use his model, with my interpretation, with even more pleasure and gratitude, every time when I explain those dimensions and their interactive working.

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