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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

According to quantum mechanics, everything consists of particles. Just look around you. Think about it, everything you see consists of particles. Imagine that you would divide everything into the smallest particles. Weird idea, don’t you think.

They know And those particles apparently know what kind of particle they are and what they have to do. Maybe crazy if you think about it so deliberately, but at the same time so incredibly logical, so natural.

Particles Max Planck was the first one to say that everything consists of particles. Let’s look at one form of bundling of particles, a human being, and a bit of how my theory about it is set out.

Intention So each particle has a certain intention with which it is informed. Subsequently, particles of the same intention cluster until a bundle arises that can manifest itself. In the case of a human being, a whole being arises. Made of particles with all the same basic information about the Intention of Being, which body is needed, what talents are involved, what life lessons need to be learned to fulfill that Intention of Being, and besides this, including the desire to really contribute from this Intention of Being.

Straight from Logically, such a bundling of particles could then only be and do what it is meant for, what his intention is: could only live straight from his Intention of Being. Make sense, right?!

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