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How the results in your life relate to quantum mechanics

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Are you wondering what the results in your life are based on? Do you want to find out where the root cause of all that’s happening is? Then please read on, there’s a clear answer to these questions!

Personal information field All stimuli a person experiences, all you go through in your life, is stored as information in your personal information field. You can see that as a personal digital file cabinet, a personal “cloud” storage, as it were. It is the source for your thoughts and the results you experience in your life. Life lessons This field also contains personal information about the lessons you still have to learn to fully live up to your  Intention of Being.

Attraction The information in your personal information field has an electromagnetic operation. The information ensures that there is a certain attraction to situations that make clear whether you act in line with your intention of being or that there are still lessons to be learned. In that case it brings you situations which awakens your desire to fully manifest your Intention of Being.

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