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I want to know my intention of being too

Do you want to know your intention of being and live and work from there in a natural way. You can!

- Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being
The most ultimate form is to be guided with a Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being. This program lasts a maximum of 7 weeks and delivers sustainable results with a lifetime warranty. The information in your personal information field is brought in line with who you are so that you naturally fulfill your intention of being. In addition, the program delivers your intention of being document. This contains the wording of your intention of being, your view on the world, in which context you bring your intention of being, which talents you have received for it, what you tell about it to others, how you have manifested it and which practical actions you have to take to live and work even more from your intention of being. With the intention of being document you have a compass where you can steer your course for the rest of your life. 
Please contact us to inform yourself about this program.

- Profile
Do you want a first introduction to that what suits working from your intention of being, then please ask for a profile.

- Read
Do you want to read more, then request the Whitepaper Intention of Being.

- Interviews
Helma's YouTube channel you can see an exclusive interview series that Piet Hurkmans did with Helma on Quaning and intention of being, and some testimonials.

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