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Wrapped gifts from the universe

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

In this rapidly changing labor market, it is increasingly important to have a good view of what you can contribute to organizational objectives.

Simple way There is a relatively simple way to have an idea of which work suits us best. We get so many signals to know how we can work from inner security and with fulfillment. There are the clues.

Craving We all have a built-in craving to want to be who we are meant to be. In our live we get signals to know with which we can fulfill that craving. One of the signals comes in the form of how you feel.

Signals Sometimes it is packed in such a way that we barely recognize the gift it contains. You feel grumpy, frustrated, annoyed, irritated. If you feel like this, ask yourself the question: what did I see, hear, experience, just before I felt that way? What desire of myself is in it? What does it mirror me?

Discoveries And if you know, then ask yourself how you are going to fill that craving. I am curious to hear about your discoveries!

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