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Wholeheartedly YES to your job responsibilities

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Due to all changes in the labor market, responsibilities are shifting. There are 3 significant movements to distinguish.

1. Roles Duties will increasingly change into roles. Work is increasingly organized in projects, with someone choosing by himself where and when he works. Technology is what enables this. It requires him to interact and communicate effectively on a personal level.

2. Responsibilities In addition, responsibilities shift from the manager to the workforce. He will manage himself, in the field of work to be carried out, and also when it comes to his own vitality, workmanship and his ability to change.

3. Leaders A manager makes the step towards a professional job and is a leader. A leader who has a vision and works with various teams in which everyone’s unique contribution and talents comes to its own benefit and to the benefit of the organization’s contribution. Employees really want to be connected to such a leader.

Shifts in responsibilities So all these kinds of changes involve shifts in the bearing of responsibilities. You say yes to that wholeheartedly in a natural way, if you know that this responsibility is in line with who you are meant to be. If you feel that you are bubbling, time no longer plays a role and you have an inner confidence that this is what you have to do. Then it is simply a responsibility that you take out of commitment to contributing from your Intention of Being.

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