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What will the Uber drivers be doing?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

We spoke to each other by phone because of the follow-up meeting of her Intention of Being profile* she received the week before. I had to think about Uber right away. I know, my mind takes me to unexpected places sometimes.

Refreshing Anyway, we were discussing one of the themes that came up from the analysis. She told me she recently met a business owner who had a refreshing look on hiring staff. It appealed to her immediately, but the resistance she met when she told her colleagues about it, wow!

In change The company she works for is in change. They have to adapt to the disruptiveness that’s going on in their market. In fact, they are already late with anticipating these changes. Now management is working together with a consultancy firm. They are looking for a new direction, corresponding organizational form and associated processes, so they can compete with the newcomers in their market.

Take matters into your hands Instead of waiting for the first announcement of an expected dismissal round, she took matters into her own hands and requested her Intention of Being profile*. In that same week she met this entrepreneur who confirmed her in her feeling that it is important to look at staff in a different way. Which is exactly in line with my view on working together within an organization.

Who are you This entrepreneur owns a small business with about 50 employees. They service a certain region. Study and work experience is a lot less important to his selection process. He mainly looks at who a person is, what he is excited about and what he likes to do best. These are his main criteria. So he hired a 62 year old accountant, who was downsized and is very passionate of machinery, to be a mechanic. And a school dropout who loves gaming, to develop an app they will use to improve planning and logistics.

Contribute He gives his staff a lot of freedom and responsibility. They all contribute from their personal Intention of Being, to the results of the company. Which are really amazing. Happy employees, happy customers, happy entrepreneur. It all becomes logical when you know what working from your Intention of Being generates in terms of energy, synchronicity and flow. Especially when the Intention of Beings of the employees are directly related to the Intention of Being of the organization. And this entrepreneur has a natural talent for this. Could it have anything to do with his own Intention of Being :-)).

Different look Alas a lot of companies look at employees in a different way than he does. I’m convinced that they will be forced to do so in the upcoming years. Labor market is changing, disruption is going on everywhere. In fact, disrupters are their own disrupters nowadays. So, what do you think that the Uber drivers will do when Travis Kalanick and team are finished developing their own self-driving cars. It’s time for a different look at people, and most of all, for a different look at ourselves!

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