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The world is a village

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I love technology. It allows me to be in touch with the whole world from behind my desk. Last week was like a trip around the world.

All around the world Next to my regular meetings in The Netherlands, I ‘went’ to New York to discuss our international expansion, to Egypt and Spain for Quaning-sessions, to Ireland to share my screen with an Apple lady to solve my setting problems, to Austria to meet our Austrian business partner and to Portugal to say hello to my brother and sister-in-law who stay there during winter. Technology The world is increasingly becoming a village, a world without borders. Technology breaks the old and familiar boundaries in rapid succession while new limits are being created. In addition to globalization, we en masse also opt for the local. We want big and small. Through the internet contact with the whole world and also to the greengrocer in the neighborhood who sells seasonal vegetables from the farmer around the corner. Human scale We want the world as a whole, but also the human scale. Internet and technology both make possible and offer unique opportunities. It is up to us to grab them and enrich our lives from trust.

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