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Robots are coming

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The robots are coming! It was life-size on a billboard for a factory building under construction. We drove too fast to read exactly what would be housed for business. But it caught my attention within a nanosecond.

Teams Robots, they bring about something. Team Loss & Distrust is competing with Team Curiosity & Trust to play a leading role on the scene of the best fitting response.

Successful processes When I wanted to work after my school days, a job came by chance at Digital Equipment. At that time one of the pioneers in the computer industry. From my very first working day, whatever job I did, I kept myself busy with facilitating processes. By mapping them, standardizing and automating them. I have been concerned with informing and training my colleagues about how they got the best results with that which was automated. I found, and find, that super fun to do.

Developments So you understand which team I am a fan of most. Precisely, I am from the Team Curiosity & Trust. I am super happy and enthusiastic about robots that take over all kinds of standard tasks from us. I am curious to see where developments such as robots that are conducting negotiations, as is currently under development, will lead to.

Personal Through the intensive collaboration between people and technology in the form of computers and robots, man can focus on the use of his analytical capacity, creativity and above all on personal contact and thus on the attention for each other as a person. Due to globalization, our hyper connected, ever-changing world, that personal contact is increasingly valued. And to that the robot contributes its bit, which is a lovely thought on this Valentine’s Day!

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