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My introduction to the invisible world

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

If you have always assumed that only what you can see and touch is reality and your ratio is your best advisor, then the idea that there could be more in our world than that, is something far away. I can remember the first I heard about it so well. It was really a shock.

Helma Lieberwerth

Recall I’m sure you know them too, those times when you came to hear something which you can still recall in your mind years later. Where you were at that moment and how you felt. I do too. It was a long time ago. My children had food intolerance. We couldn’t find a solution in the regular medical circuit. It was doom and gloom. One day I spoke to the director of the nursery where our daughter went. She told me about a woman who works differently than usual, but achieved great results for such children.

Different approach In desperation, we decided to schedule an appointment with her. Yvonne van Stigt is her name. She had our children back on track in no time. And at the same time she introduced us to the world of the invisible, which has so much impact. I was curious if Yvonne could help me too. At that time I worked at Digital Equipment. I had to report sick so often. I even had two burnouts, which each lasted a year or more. I went from flu to flu, often felt a little dizziness, some pain, I always felt tired. I decided to go for it and made an appointment with Yvonne.

Life changing And there we were, I sat across from Yvonne at her desk. I can still remember it clearly. “Well,” said Yvonne, “you know Helma, what I do, you can do too. If you start to understand and use your talents, you’re already well on your way.” I must have looked at her very surprised. Didn’t really understand what she meant. Until she told me more about intuition and sensitivity, about connecting with that seemingly empty space around us. Had me literally experience it at that moment. A life changing moment that put me on a journey, which I could not half guess where it would take me.

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