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Jobs and stuff – our beloved constant

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

We live in a super exciting time. Technological developments cause extremely rapid changes. In any field. We have little idea of the impact this will have on our lives or at our work. Just look at the developments in the field of labor, work that needs to be done, jobs.

Jobs disappear Of course, it was always the case that jobs disappear and that new kinds of work are created. Nothing new under the sun. Due to the speed of technological developments, changes in work are now taking place at a rapid pace. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a quarter of the Dutch working force worked in agriculture, now only one and a half percent do so. Cybersecurity expert, bio hacker, virtual reality designer, these are all examples of work we could only think of as pure science fiction just about 20 years ago. Now they are reality.

Revolutionary changes Most of the current young people will do work that is beyond our imagination. That requires a lot. From us together, as a society. Revolutionary changes in the field of education, and further development of the organization of work is needed more than ever. Human beings evolve, come with other specs, as it were. Instead of a body that mainly needs muscle power, we need it to be able to process information quickly and use it. The mix of people with ‘old’ and ‘new’ specs requires super good communication skills and the will to understand each other.

Own constant And it requires something from us personally. In the full hectic of change, there is a constant, and that is man himself. To live from who he is, to be aware of who he or she contributes and to fully act on it from commitment, that is his compass in this dynamic time. Then everything around him can be in motion, he continues to do his work from inner confidence and fulfillment. In whatever situation, form or job.

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