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It’s time for an educational paradigm shift

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Most of the current students will do work that is beyond our imagination now. In a rapid tempo there is new work to be done that we had no idea of before. School and studies train for professions of which it remains to be seen, whether they still exist by the time someone finishes his education. In the field of education too, something has to change quickly.

Jobs Jobs are there, jobs will disappear. That is something of all times. At the beginning of the twentieth century, a quarter of Dutch people worked in agriculture, now only one and a half percent. Cybersecurity expert, bio-hacker, virtual reality designer, these are examples of work that we could only think about in relation to science fiction films some 20 years ago. Now they are reality.

Beyond imagination The majority of current students will therefore start doing work that is still beyond our imagination. Changes in the labor market are of all times. However, the speed of current technological developments means that changes in work take place at lightning speed. Young people need to be better prepared for the labor market. And that means adaptation of our current education system.

Geared education How would it be if more attention is paid to the further development of the talents we were given by birth to manifest our intention of being. What would it be like if we were confirmed a lot more in what we can do and where we, through practical experience, master our skills. What would it be like if there was education that is geared to the kind of person that is born today and what they need to make a fulfilling contribution to the labor market in future?

Own constant What would the world look like if young adults are ‘delivered’ from their education with self-confidence, who know what they can contribute and who do so in whatever form of organization, from an inner sense of responsibility and urge. I do not have a wand with which I can change the whole education system, nor do I have the wisdom in it. But if I could contribute something from my intention of being, I wish every graduate to be his own constant in this super cool paradigm-changing world.

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