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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I wish I could take a peek into the future. I am so curious about all technological developments. They go fast as lightning. It is beyond our imagination what effect they will have on our lives and our work. How will that look like. What changes will it bring for us. It is interesting to see what we can do to keep a grip.

In the lead The easy availability of technology ensures ever faster innovations. Previously, the corporates were in the lead, because they could afford large investments. A lot of technology is now available on a usage basis. That makes it super simple for an individual or small group to realize ideas and spread them quickly. New products and services are born in a ‘minute’. That’s a huge difference.

Opportunities You can imagine that the other origin of a product or service brings more changes. For example on the organization of work, working hours, whom and from where. Faster than we now suspect, work will no longer resemble anything we know of now. So many opportunities will come along, super exciting. And yet. we have to have our spot in there.

Your grip One of the things that helps you to have and keep your spot in that tsunami of change, to get a grip, is knowing who you are and what you stand for. You can do that if you know your Intention of Being, if you know what your unique contribution is for the benefit of others, and of yourself. Sounds simple, and it is. If you are in pure connection with your Intention of Being, then you have inner confidence. Then what happens around you will happen, but then you know what you have to offer and to whom, and you make choices that are in line with that. Then you are your own constant.

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