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Be attractive, job seeker and employer!

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The job market is extremely competitive, for both job seekers and employers. They need to do everything they can to make sure that they are as appealing as possible for one another. Knowing how to stand out on the job market gives both a leg up over steep competition. Here are four ways how to distinct yourself.

1. Job description First of all: the job description. To compete for the best person, an employer has to make a job opportunity worthwhile. There is a new recipe to be followed to present a brand, an organization: a little bit of marketing, a clear understanding of the role, the necessary talents and skills, a large tablespoon full of the organization’s culture and social contribution, all imbued with benefits and growth opportunities.

2. Job interview Then let’s talk about the job interview. To be the chosen one for the interview, the candidate has to be smarter than the recruitment software. He has to tailor his cover letter and resume as much as possible. More and more we see that candidates also share their Intention of Being document, which is a great help to stand out of the crowd. It gives an employer a clear view on who a candidate really is and what he can expect from him precisely. Curious how it looks? Then please check out this example.

3. Match Of course a job interview is aimed at finding the right candidate for a position or role. However the candidate is also interviewing the organization to find out if he feels a match with the organizations intention of being, the unique contribution that it delivers to its customers. Then he can really commit himself to the role, to the organization and take responsibility wholeheartedly. He will work from inner confidence and he will feel fulfilled by what he can contribute from his own Intention of Being.

4. Upskilling Another attractive possibility is upskilling. Looking at the rapid technological developments, its impact on the organization of work and the associated business opportunities, upskilling is more important than ever before. It is of vital importance to a candidate that he remains relevant in his industry. Which, of course, is crucial for the organization too. The candidate therefore expects his employer to provide him opportunities in the field of learning, work experience and personal development.

Enjoy attracting the right job or employer in this way!

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