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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

“I would like to go back to work with more pleasure. If you enjoy your work, is it still work?” This is what Jim says, a 31-year-old man who works as a Functional Administrator within a dynamic online retail organization. He has decided to resign himself.

Old driving forces What Jim outlines is typical for a direction that is increasingly seen nowadays when it comes to what ambitions exactly drive the work force. In the past, they used to focus on the working atmosphere, salary, job security and a financially sound organization; now there is a tendency to go for a contentable job that suits personal interests, with good training and personal development and (international) career opportunities from the perspective that you can access information at any time in any place.

Attractive employers In the current labor market it is necessary for employers to present themselves in an attractive way. Labor communication is becoming increasingly important. Employees must feel attracted to the big picture: from social contribution, the customers, can do what you are going to bust about, decide for yourself where and when you do that, based on confidence that you will produce a final result, up to the whole package of secondary employment conditions that must be in line with the current needs. This applies just as much to the binding of current employees as to the recruitment of new ones.

New recruitment style Technological developments entail that the kind of functions, work that needs to be done, is changing rapidly. There too, the recruitment of new staff will have to be tuned accordingly. Who someone is, what moves him and that this fits with what the organization has to offer, is then super important. To be able to deploy someone flexibly within the organization, regardless of a position. To give him the opportunity to temporarily gain experience elsewhere. Or, as with Jim, guide someone, self-chosen or not, to leave the organization.

Efficient anticipation In this way, together we ensure that, in a rapidly changing labor market, there is efficient anticipation of the content of work.

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