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Be your true self

fulfilling life
from inner confidence

About Helma Lieberwerth

authority in being your true self

Helma Lieberwerth is the worldwide authority for providing insight into how you can be your true self. She has a phenomenal talent to give meaning to signals that we receive on how to live a fulfilling life from inner trust. She described her revolutionary view on life in her vision intention of being.

Helma also developed the paradigm shifting guiding methodology Quaning. Guidance with this methodology has already had a life-changing effect on the lives of thousands of people. As a result, they all self-evidently live a life from within.

Helma has more than 35 years of international experience in guiding, training and inspiring people and in educating and guiding leaders, Quaners, trainers and consultants. They have all experienced her warmth, pure wisdom, full confidence and generosity.


Whitepaper Intention of Being Helma Lieb